Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Delmar Clay Studio Renovations!

Craft Alliance's Clay Studio on Delmar had the patina of 40 years of constant use. Every year, 17,000 students spend hours throwing on the wheels, sculpting at the hand-building tables, glazing their pieces in the glaze room, loading and unloading the kilns, engaging in the long and careful process of turning clay into art. Over time, heavy use has taken a toll on the conditions of our studio. We have cleaned out the studio space and begun our renovations to enhance the experience of the students and artists who learn and work in our studio. We will be repairing and painting the walls, refinishing the floors, repairing the potter's wheels, replacing the blinds, stools and the spray booth! We are very excited about these renovations and can't wait to see the finished studio!

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